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¡Hola, my name is Lola (pronounced Lohlah). I will be your tatafo telenovela queen on this platform.

So all my lovey-dovey mushy telenovelas fans, gather here so we can gist about our latest telenovelas.

I like telenovelas so much that my friends had no choice than to watch it with me. They thought they can get rid of me that easily. They wish!

Anyways, today’s gist is about La Chúcara and La Dona, both respectively showing on Eva ch. 141 and Telemundo ch. 118 on DStv.

A quick summary of La Chúcara

The telenovela is about a young rebellious lady Laura Muñoz who came to live and work with her mother in La Piedad ranch, owned by a recently widowed conservative man, Vicente Correa. Sparks flew from the moment they encountered each other and Laura initially tried to get his attention. But there are many obstacles. First, Vicente is hooked on his late wife’s memory whom he believed was a perfect woman until he discovered that she cheated on him with his best friend Juan Cristobal who happened to be his right-hand man in his ranch. Not only did they get entangled behind his back, one of his children is a product of their entanglement.

Before he discovered the secret, he nearly married his late wife’s identical twin Gracia.

On Laura’s part, his childhood love is bent on reclaiming her love and when she left him on the altar to live with Vicente, he swore to ruin their happiness.

Apart from Gracia and Agustin who are bent on tearing the couple apart, there is also Adriana, the foster mother of Gracia and Piedad. You can call her a haughty impertinent manipulative selfish woman. They sum up her character.

Agustin tries to rape Vicente’s daughter Roberta

La Chúcara has been showing in the past few months. Sadly, the Chilean telenovela will wrap up next week.

For today’s episode, we are treated to a great dose of drama.

Please who enjoyed watching Carmen (Laura’s mother) slapping Adriana today? I can’t get it out of my head.

So this is what happened.


Carmen was having a good time with Rudolfo in the living room when Adriana walked in on them. In her usual manner, she started throwing insults at her but Rudolfo defended her. While they were arguing, an already defeated Vicente walked in and lashed out at Rudolfo for taking his best client from him, unknown to him that the latter was unaware of Agustin’s vengeance plan. After Vicente told him about Agustin’s move, he promised to look into the matter.

Carmen’s attempt to paint Rudolfo good to Vicente met a brick wall. Immediately Vicente left, Adriana resumed her verbal attack but Carmen couldn’t stomach anymore. Without blinking, she gave Adriana a stinging slap that dropped her jaws on the floor. That was not all:

“You’ve talked down on so many people that I’m sure can’t wait to slap you, so that slap is on behalf of them, “(paraphrased) she told a stunned Adriana who may not recover from that slap till Monday.

Another interesting gist from tonight’s episode is the Magda and Tomas love play.

Magda is one of the workers in the ranch, notable for her greed and gossip but life dealt a hard blow on her when she became obsessed with Juan Cristobal who never liked her. She lost her womb due to his unrequited love and was filled with vengeance. Luckily, she turned a new leaf.

Tomas, on the other hand, is Laura’s ex who swindled her and made her leave the south for the ranch. He returned to La Piedad with the intención to win Laura back. But he is not as dark as Agustin. He somehow got Vicente to support a project of his which everyone doubted he could pull off except Magda. Now, he’s been offered a huge sum for his project and it seems the heavens are finally smiling down at him.

A happy Magda celebrated and kissed him only to be judged for her past.

A bit hurt, she still maintained her dignity by reminding Tomas that she stood by him when nobody believed in him.

Check the next post for updates on La Dona 2.


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