Sisi Lola Mundo: La Dona 2 (Iron Rose), Braulio Kills Sebastian


You can catch up on some of the capitulos of the second season of La Dona here and here

For tonight, our beloved Sebastian was shot by Braulio. He was forced to lay a trap for Braulio so that Altagracia’s men could take him down. However, Braulio sensed that something was amiss and brought his sister Fernanda along. A shootout ensued and he was wickedly shot by Braulio. 

Leon who was around the place of the shootout tried to capture him but he escaped. His attempt to get the truth from Fernanda didn’t really reveal much, rather she tactically tried to heap the blame on Braulio.

An enraged Altagracia found an uncommon ally in her sister Regina who like Altagracia believed that Braulio was responsible for her daughter Isabella’s death. Little did they know that the main murderer is the helpless Eleonora, Lucho’s mother.

Lucho managed to convince Romelia to talk sense into his mother who is on the verge of revealing his dirty deeds to his father. 

Will they ever find out the true killer of Isabella and how long will Daniel remain in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

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