La Chúcara Finale: Happily Ever Afters

I don’t like endings because they are very mushy mushy. Today’s episode was full of kisses and smooches between Vicente and Laura. At least they saved some scenes for us.

So the almighty Adriana was left homeless and without a penny as she discovered that her late husband left all his wealth to Laura. But the worst news she heard was Laura’s pregnancy. She didn’t take it well at all to the extent she thought of terminating the young life growing in Laura.

But Rebecca decided to play the hero and ended up dying in peace because Vicente kissed her.

At the end of the day, the villains were killed or jailed. It was good to see that Agustin was offered some kind of redemption: priesthood. Oh! And Magda and Tomas finally hooked up. The young lady finally achieved her dream of dating a rich man even if he had to be a pauper first.

So that’s it, the 2014 Chilean movie ended today.

While I like some of the characters, Adriana in particular, it wouldn’t make my top 10 telenovelas.

The script wasn’t that punchy and the production wasn’t mind-blowing.

Nevertheless, I like the way the writers portrayed Vicente and Laura’s love: it was unconditional, selfless. She fell in love with him when he was wealthy but by the time they could finally be together, he lost everything. Yet she stood by him.

There were underlying feminism themes depicted by Luciana who didn’t want the father of her child to feel obligated to her, same with Laura. But at the end of the day, the film did well to show that we all need each other.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad telenovela.

Do you have memorable characters from La Chúcara? Let us know below.


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