La Chúcara Ep.117: Juan Cristobal’s Revenge Didn’t Go As Planned

My suspicions were confirmed in today’s episode. Juan Cristobal killed Gracia. He had pleasure narrating how he killed her in the bathtub to Vicente who is next on his list.

JC had it all figured out. He would kill Gracia then sneak into Vicente’s house, murder him and head to Magda’s house to finish her up.

Unfortunately, only one of his plans was successful. Gracia.

Unknown to him, Vicente unloaded his gun which JC apparently knew it’s hiding place. He caught Vicente by surprise but the latter kept his cool, acting as if JC was in total control.

Thank God he did because if he hadn’t persuaded Laura to leave, JC would realise that the gun was empty and escaped. But Laura sensed something was wrong and called the police.

By the time JC realised that the gun was empty, the police were already on their way. He managed to hit Vicente with the butt of the gun but couldn’t escape the police. His attempt to use his daughter as a defense didn’t go as planned because Laura hit his head from behind, allowing the cops to whisk him away.

At least for now, they are saved from his torture and Agustin who was earlier arrested as a suspect in Gracia’s murder may be released.

I wish though that Vicente was able to find out from JC where he hid his money so that he can pay off his debts and have his ranch running. Perhaps, Laura may find the right time to tell him that she is pregnant with his child.

Speaking of babies, Luciana the agronomist finally decided to move in with Orlando even if their roles will be reversed. She will be the breadwinner and he, the domestic husband.

It’s good to finally see Carito and Leon together even if that scene looks so fake. How did Carito make it that quickly to the ranch from Santiago. Hmmm…

Tomorrow is the finale of the telenovela which has kept us entertained in the last few months. Unfortunately, the Eva channel on DStv doesn’t have any new telenovelas yet so you may want to check Telemundo (Ch.118) or Fox Life for new telenovelas.

If you have any to suggest to us, please do in the comment section.


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