La Chúcara Ep. 116: Who Killed Gracia?

Juan Cristobal? Adriana?

Before we get into today’s gist, I will like to point out some of the inconsistencies in today’s episode.

First, the Luciana childbirth process.

I want to believe that at the time this movie was made, the producers were either financially strapped or rookies. If not, this particular scene is so unbelievable.

It reminds me of the early days of Nollywood when technical skills were scarce.

For a childbirth scene, there are certain props that shouldn’t be missing, first the blood.

There was no blood to show that Luciana actually went through the delivery process. Her clothes were not soiled in any way, Orlando who played the midwife in this particular scene had no blood in his hands. We only saw a purplish stain on his white singlet.

Also, Luciana’s legs were not properly positioned to depict one who is giving birth. I was very disappointed by this particular scene.

Secondly, how did Rebecca find the pregnancy test in Laura’s trousers if Laura is yet to change her outfit. It’s either the editors committed this error during post-production or the writers were sloppy.

But I believe that they must have improved their skills by now.

Now, who really killed Gracia.

I’m happy her character was eventually killed. She is the least of my favourites. I didn’t like the way the writers developed her character. It was as if they were confused about what to do with her. She was neither the fiend nor the angel. Though they projected a cunning persona, Gracia hardly came across as one. If anything, she was lukewarm.

From the way she reacted to her attacker, the killer is likely to be Juan Cristobal who we later found out had escaped from prison.

But her altercation with Agustin and Adriana’s outburst that she would kill her when Vicente confronted her about her adoption of the twins earlier made both characters suspects too.

As with every telenovela, the end is laced with repercussions and transformations. We see the insolent Roberta humble and remorseful, asking for forgiveness from those she offended in the past.

The only character who is yet to show any sign of rue is Adriana. The antagonist is playing her part to the end.

Now that Juan Cristobal is roaming the streets, who will be his next victim, Adriana or Laura?


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