Big Brother Naija Shakeup: Who is Leaving Tonight?

Tonight’s live eviction show will be different. That’s the word the organisers are spreading. According to them, Big Brother will shake the table a bit to bring more drama to the game. 

Could it be pairing?

If it were to be, then the show will be reverting to the ‘Double Wahala’ where housemates were evicted in pairs?

Will he introduce new housemates?

Previous editions had fake housemates in the house. Last year, six new housemates were introduced later in the game to spice things up. 

Whatever game Biggie has up his sleeves, it will leave viewers stunned but will add more drama to the show. 

This year’s contestants seem to be moving with one spirit and barely show their competitive nature, a trait Ebuka the host has constantly warned them about. Perhaps, the looming shakeup will be a wake-up call.

 So far, six housemates have been evicted from the reality TV show. Ka3na, Lilo, Eric, Tochi, Kaisha and Praise had their journey to the N85 million cut short by their fellow housemates. Unlike previous editions where the audience determines the final fate of the contestants, this year puts the power in the hands of the housemates. What this means is that housemates who are least voted will be kicked out by their fellows. This inadvertently requires the housemates to build allies and be almost seen as indispensable by their housemates. 

TrickyTee is one housemate who’s been enjoying the privilege of being saved thrice. But will he run out of luck tonight if he emerges at the bottom four?  

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